Lt. Col. Khaled Youssef

Internal Security Forces
Nationa Cybersecurity Team Lebanon

Khaled Youssef is a Lieutenant Colonel at the Lebanese Internal Security Forces. He received his BS degree in Engineering from AUB in the year 2000, his EMBA degree from ESA Business school in 2015, and his Master degree in Engineering from AUB year 2019.

He started his career in ISF in 2001, and he is the chief of the IT division in the Intelligence department, with a wide experience over the last 10 years in managing information security systems, IT infrastructure, and communication systems.

He is a lecturer at AUST on the subject of Digital Forensics and Cybercrime.

He is the focal point of several projects between ISF and the European Union Which aim to support ISF and the Lebanese government in various fields including Cybersecurity. Also, he is the coordinator with UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and crime) and CEPOL (College for European Police training) on projects to leverage ISF cybersecurity capabilities.

Moreover, he is the Head of the Cybersecurity Committee in ISF.

Lt. Col. Youssef is representing ISF in the national cybersecurity team launched by the presidency of the Council of Ministers that develop the National Cybersecurity Strategy for Lebanon. He is also a member of the Digital Transformation National Team.


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