As per Kaspersky Report 2018, Lebanon is the 5th top country in the world by percentage of attacked users. The report also says that Lebanon is ranked at #8 in a comprehensive list of top countries attacked by ‘encryptors’.

One of the biggest cyber attacks (data breach) in Lebanese history allegedly occurred in July 2018- victims were Lebanese government agencies and other private-public institutions.

Global cybersecurity 2018 ranking by ITU- Lebanon is ranked #124 (out of 175 countries) (Arab states ranking #17 out of 22).

The Lebanese government along with Banque Du Liban (Central Bank of Lebanon) has issued policy guidelines for the entities in Lebanon with a great deal of focus on cyber security, but implementing it and measuring its effectiveness is still in its infancy.

The country still lacks an adequate legal framework on cybersecurity strategy and are in the process of establishing dedicated policies and cybersecurity or cybercrime units.

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First major comprehensive event in Lebanon bringing together local and international authorities, academics, organizations and industry sector along with global experts

Serves as a vital guideline for local (FinTech) start-ups to emphasize on cyber security

Brings a global cyber security perspective and ecosystem to Lebanon

Unique platform for collaboration and communication (information sharing related to cyber security) between public and private entities

Addressing specific cyber security solutions to airport and manufacturing sectors

Exclusive focus on addressing the lack of proper awareness (program) and cyber security culture