Dr. Luis Martin Diaz

Advisor to the General Secretary/ Head of Training Unit,
Union of Arab Banks

Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili likes to introduce himself as the “talent who is capable of Effectively linking risk to performance; and to bring risk management to the first line of defense.

Dr. Mohammad is a Risk, Capacity Building, and Organizational Transformation Specialist, Lecturer in Risk, Risk-Based Performance & Compliance, University Lecturer: Economics, Risk, and Banking Operations.

He currently serves in the capacity of Chief Consultant with M.I.Fheili & Associates – Risk, Capacity Building, and Organizational Transformation Specialists.

Earlier, he had served as Executive (AGM) at JTB Bank in Lebanon, Senior Manager & Chief Risk Officer at Group Fransabank, Senior Manager at BankMed, and as an Economist at the Association of Banks in Lebanon.

Dr. Mohammad received his college education (undergraduate & graduate) at Louisiana State University (LSU), and has been teaching Economics and Finance for over 25 continuous years at reputable universities in the USA (LSU) and Lebanon (LAU).

Finally, Dr. Mohammad has published over 25 articles on his LinkedIn page, of those many are in refereed Journals (e.g., Journal of Money Laundering & Control; Journal of Operational Risk; Journal of Law & Economics; etc.) and industry Bulletins.”


Dr. Elie Nasr

American University Of Science And Technology (aust)

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Head of ICT Group Overseas Support Section Fransabank SAL

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Chedid Law Offices in association with Dentons

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Head of Compliance, Arab Bank Lebanon s.a.l.

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Director of Flight Safety, DGCA Lebanon